Good ideas do not always come by chance.

Maurizio Corazzina’s idea

After almost 40 years of experience, first working in the family company, then fulfilling leading roles for important Italian names such as Asolo, Lotto, Benetton, Salewa, Geox, Maurizio Corazzina has confirmed himself as one of the most qualified top managers in technical clothing and sportswear.

Broad experience, attention to details, exhaustive preparation: Maurizio perfectly knows all the processes of preparation and production of items, from the most high tech concept to the easiest, yet not less demanding one.

An experience gained in the field all over the world, searching for production partners ensuring levels of reliability and know how that meet the demands of those companies moving their production abroad, without risking to degrade their quality and service so far guaranteed to their customers.

First in Eastern Europe, then in Asia and Southern America, finally in Africa, where new factories have been opening with high technologies and competitive costs: sometimes Maurizio completely set the new production lines of companies supported by high qualified staff members he personally trained and introduced in their home company, opening offices all over the world.

He played a key role for the top players of this sector during the delicate, historical period of decentralized production with no serious consequences, ensuring important production increases and investment returns.

Today Maurizio works for his own account, managing a dynamic structure that offers personalized product packages to companies and has developed UAKKO, an exceptional and innovative project, born by a brilliant intuition that required months of work and tests, until its implementation and the filing of its international patent.



via Trentino 11, Paese (TV)
31100 Italy