With Uakko at the seaside: almost no worries…

Imagine that you are finally on holidays. You can relax on the beach, under the sun, forgetting your work commitments.

But even when you are completely relaxed under the sun umbrella, you may be still upset, thinking about the time you will take a swim with your family. Your smartphone, wallet and keys will remain unattended and some ill-intentioned person may ruin your holiday.

What can you do?

  1. You can find someone that takes a look at your personal objects… and that person will be always you!

  2. You can take a swim keeping your eyes on your sun umbrella. That’s not the way to enjoy your swim!

  3. You can wear Uakko swim suit, as its innovative and useful waterproof pocket allows bringing all those objects you are scared to lose with you!

Thanks to this swim suit with waterproof pocket, you can play with your children in the water, take a swim and go the terrace bar to enjoy one of those fresh drinks without worrying about your unattended personal objects, as they are safe with you.

The waterproof pocket has been patented and tested to keep money, smartphone, keys and glasses in absolute safety, so you can free your mind and enjoy your seaside holidays… you will only need to fulfill the wishes of your partner, your mother-in-law, your children… but for this, there is still no patent that can get you out of the mess!