What is the opinion of people who wore Uakko?

Uakko: the swim suit with waterproof pocket is Maurizio Corazzina’s innovative idea. It took several months of hard work and tests to achieve the first patented swim suit with waterproof pocket.

To test its waterproof effectiveness, in 2015 some surfers of the Canary Islands and some scuba diving instructors from Galle, Sri Lanka, were asked to wear it.

Surfers said:

“At the beginning, we were a bit skeptical on the waterproof pocket. However, after some swim wearing Uakko, we had to change our opinion, as we were definitely impressed by the capacity of the pocket. Our smartphone was perfectly dry and the pocket could contain a considerable number of things without getting bulky.”

Scuba diving instructors, instead, made an extreme test: they dived to a depth of 30 metres for more than half a hour, even if Uakko swim suit is patented to a max depth of 3 metres for 30 minutes.

The results of the test surprised all, as the smartphone in the pocket remained perfectly dry.

Scuba divers and their friends said:

“It’s incredible that this waterproof pocket passed such an extreme test! The only regret we have is that we need to wait until 2016 to get the swim suit!”

As you can see, Uakko has conquered all! Will you be the next?